How to Stage a Comeback in Your Real Estate Career – It’s a Lot Like Staging Houses

Everyone loves a good comeback story, like Nancy Kerrigan winning the silver Olympic medal in 1994, the return of leggings, and Britney Spears after her mental breakdown. You too can have your very own comeback story to bring new life to your career. The good news is that you already have the tools to stage your career comeback. It is a lot like staging a house.

You need to boost your “curb appeal.” How are you looking from far away? If someone judged a book by its cover, would you pass muster? The three places to really boost your curb appeal is in your appearance, your business cards, and your online presence. Those are the three places someone will encounter you for the first time.

  1. Welcome visitors with an inviting “porch.” So you don’t have a rocking chair and a knife for whittlin’, but you do have a process to welcome new prospects and clients. How are our phones answered? What are your first contact email responses? What is the outgoing message on your voicemail.
    Action item: Create a standard friendly way to answer your business phone that is on brand. Pass it along to your office manager, assistant, receptionist, and answering service.
  2. Get your “house” sparkling clean. Is your office clean? Is your car clean? Is your purse clean? How about your voicemail inbox or your email inbox? In short, you need to get it together, girl! This is more than just getting organized. This is being clean to create a sense of order and calm when clients are around.
    Action item: Choose a day on the calendar to clean or hire someone to help you clean for a day.
  3. Clear away clutter. You may have cleaned up that pile in the corner of your desk so that it now looks neat and orderly; however, wouldn’t it look so much better if the pile was not there? Think of your working space like a photo shoot; would you have that much clutter? Yes, having office supplies strategically placed on your desk makes it easier to find things… sometimes. However, if this were a photo shoot, you might subtract a few of the items.
    Action item: Find one area of clutter and start clearing it away – just one area to start. Notice how it also frees up mental clutter in your brain.

You now have the beginnings of staging a career comeback. You should look and feel like a completely different real estate professional ready to take on the world. Now that the home/career is properly staged, you now need to get some eyeballs on it. In home staging, this would be marketing to get more traffic into the home. For your career, this next step is the same: get more eyeballs to hear about you and your services. In other words, you need to tackle marketing next.